World Sandwich Day: Favorites in Cebu

IT’S World Sandwich Day! And if the idea is to join in on the celebration, look no further as there are plenty of joints to go to where the sandwiches served truly hit the spot. These range from crowd favorites to those that haven’t yet been fully discovered. In line with this, the #SunStarLIVE team members share some of their favorites for this occasion. Writing for a living does have its perks as one knows the best places to hit up.

Check out the recommendations.

Fancy Loaded French Toast by Cafe Sarree

“We all know that French toast is bread soaked in milk and eggs and then fried in butter. But something tells me that Cafe Sarree’s version is bathed in sugar, spice and everything nice. It’s basically a ham and cheese sandwich dipped in batter and then coated with cornflakes. When you cut into it, the melted cheese oozes out in the most seductive way. When you finally have your first bite, you’re torn between chewing it in slow-mo (eyes rolling back in your head as a pleasure reflex like in those food commercials), and eating at your regular pace so you can have another. It’s sweet and savory with a bit of a crunch and before you know it, you’re polishing your plate despite repeatedly commenting on how big the serving is. Don’t forget to try it with the cinnamon and nutmeg syrup that’s served on the side.” – Cassandra C. Poculan, Writer

The Count of Monte Cristo by Casa Verde

“If you want a filling bite on your next visit aside from its famous baby back ribs, Casa Verde’s The Count of Monte Cristo is a great alternative. I never once gave this sandwich a try before, but when a friend introduced it to me, I instantly loved, or should I say, devoured it. The Count of Monte Cristo is packed with everything good. Imagine white bread filled with ham, turkey, white and American cheese wrapped together, battered then fried. There’s a good amount of grease in it, but you wouldn’t mind it one bit because its contents are all that matter. The sandwich is finished off with powdered sugar, and served with raspberry preserves and fries on the side. Now that’s one filling meal, right? It’s a must-try on the menu.” – Patricia May P. Catan, Writer

Ultimate Sandwich Station

“The Ultimate Sandwich Station on the second level of JY Square Mall in Lahug is my kind of casual, relatively affordable and simple sandwich joint. Although the brand doesn’t boast over-the-top recipes (ultra cheesy, mega meaty—all that sort of stuff), I like the fact that a customer gets his order hot and fresh, and he can also customize his sandwich depending on what he’s craving for come meal time. Tuna today; chicken tomorrow? Fun concept, really.” – Luis A. Quibranza III, Editor

Philly Cheesesteak by Jed’s Fili Cheesesteak

“I am a sucker for a really good sandwich. Gone are the days when a full meal only means rice and a side dish in this side of the world. Anyway, I knew of the famous Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich because of my love for food channels. Knowing that this place offers this right here in Cebu City is great news. It’s straightforward, filling and oozing with all the trimmings—truly a nice addition to the list of food spots in Cebu. Jed’s Fili Cheesesteak is located at The Market by Sugbo Mercado.” – Monica R. Lopez, Writer

Patty Melt by Luncheonette

“Whoever thought of putting a burger patty between toast, Thank you. Luncheonette’s Patty Melt is a divinely greasy stack of a juicy patty, caramelized onions and a mix of different cheeses sandwiched between buttered thick-cut toast. It’s quite messy to eat, but it’s a mess I don’t mind making.” – Christian Jay B. Quilo, Writer

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