Weekly Show 413: How Disaggregation Accelerates Innovation And Operations With Juniper Networks (Sponsored)

Today we’re diving into disaggregation with sponsor Juniper Networks. Much of the current discussion about disaggregation focuses on decoupling software from hardware, but disaggregation can occur across the network stack.

We’ll look at the different layers of disaggregation, and the business drivers for this trend, including speeding innovation, enabling operational efficiency through automation, and reducing costs.

We  discuss Juniper’s own efforts, from making its Junos network OS available on whitebox switches to supporting P4 to directly program ASICs.

Disaggregation has operational impacts, and we dig into what it means for networking teams to embrace this trend. We also look at Juniper’s latest initiatives to make training tools and materials easily available for engineers.

Last but not least, we talk about how all these disparate components get re-bundled into consumable packages.

Our guest is Guru Shenoy, Senior Director of Product Management at Juniper Networks.

Show Links:

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