PQ 158: Introducing NRE Labs For Network Automation Training

One problem with learning networking technology is all the work it takes to set up your lab. Creating a virtualization environment, fighting with images, tweaking performance, building out the connections, and so on.

What if there was a tool that handled the set up burden for you? A tool where you could jump right in and start learning?

Our guests today tell us about a new online tool that does just that. Called NRE Labs, this Web site provides education and training for network automation.

You can learn the basics of YAML, Git, and working with APIs, try out automation tools, walk through lessons, or simply experiment with virtual instances of real networking interfaces.

Developed and supported by Juniper Networks, NRE Labs is free and open source, and welcomes contributions to the project. You don’t have to register or even log in to use the site; just show up and jump in.

Matt Oswalt and Derick Winkworth, both Product Marketing Managers and Juniper, are two of NRE Labs’ creators. They join us on the podcast to walk us through the site.

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Show Links:

NRE Labs

Antidote (NRE Labs OSS) – GitHub

Antidote Docs

Juniper Engnet – Juniper Networks

Keeping It Classless – Matt Oswalt’s blog

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