Get Catch All Email Service For Your Domain With GSuite

Well before we start, let’s discuss what this is all about.

As GSuite is Rs.150 per month a Single User for receiving emails and sending emails from your own domain with various services, we are here offering you free access to our gsuite account but limitations.

Basically what will you get.

  • Host Your Domain’s MX with Hash Hackers.
  • Receive all your domain emails on your own gmail account.
  • Eg. your domain name is then emails sent to any address of i.e., or anything. They’ll all arrive into your Gmail account.
  • This is like a temporary email service but effective and private.
  • You can get top level domain name at Network Solutions at $1 for a year only.
  • You can also use our free for all Disposable Email Service.

Pricing for our Service

  • We are not charging any extra fees for per month basis for providing this service.
  • We are charging Rs.100 per domain for one time setup fees for lifetime access. (Domain Renewal Charges are yours own)

Getting Started

  • Buy a Domain or if you have already skip this.
  • At your DNS settings. (We use Netlify DNS, Free)
  • Remove old MX Records. (if any)
  • Add new MX Records as below.
    Priority	Points to
  • Now Email us your details on and we’ll guide you with next instructions.

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