Every day is Black Friday – Naked Security

What will you be doing this Black Friday?

Me? I’m super excited, I’ll be… It’ll be great because…

…oh I can’t lie. Like a lot of people who work in IT I’ll be hiding under my desk, waiting for it all to pass and trying to fend off all the adverts, emails and messages with special offers, tips and things I can’t afford to miss out on from anyone I’ve ever brushed past who has a sales forecast to hit. For me, it’s just another Friday.

For the uninitiated, Black Friday is the Annual Festival of Buying Things that falls on the busiest shopping day of the year in the USA: the day after Thanksgiving.

The term was originally derisive, referring to the general unpleasantness of all the crowds and traffic. That was turned on its head a few years ago by some shops who were concerned that the name, earned on the back of the day’s unparalleled popularity with shoppers let’s not forget, might be putting off shoppers.

So the name was rebranded to mean the day shops “go into the black” and start making a profit for the year. Because nothing says “let’s go shopping” like a technocratic accounting trick, amiright?